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What is the AFA Clay-Peel™?

They’re antioxidants; they’re exfoliants; they help retain moisture in your skin; and they do it all with little or no irritation. The AFA Clay Peel is the newest and most revolutionary treatment in skin care. It’s remarkably effective, available only through your medical professional. The source of the Clay Peel’s power lies in the patented Amino Acids(AFAs).

The AFA Clay Peel is a simple, two-step, non-surgical procedure that will immediately create smoother, softer and younger-looking skin after the first visit. Unlike other treatments, the AFA Clay Peel requires no recovery time. A series of 4-6 treatments is usually recommended.

Do you have uneven pigmentation, blemishes, and other skin problems you’d like to get rid of? Try our AFA Peel, an effective solution for smoother, softer and younger-looking skin.

Benefits may include but are not limited to:

  • Smooths uneven texture
  • Smooths and softens your skin
  • Rejuvenates irritated and dry skin
  • Improve skin texture and pigmentation
  • Smoother, softer and tighter skin

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