Blast the fat on your chin and neck with BELKYRA™, a non-surgical treatment option, in the form of an injection, that improves the appearance and profile of double chins (or more specifically, fat deposits or sagging of the chin and neck).

How it Works

BELKYRA™ is a synthetic chemical substance with active ingredient being deoxycholic acid that has been found to be a very effective treatment in the reduction of localized areas of fat. When injected into fat layers underneath the chin and neck, BELKYRA™ causes the destruction or elimination of fat cells. Once these cells are destroyed they can no longer store or accumulate fat in those areas.

Quantity of Treatments

Injections of Deoxycholic acid is administered near the double chin/neck area, 1-3 sessions are recommended depending on how much fat is present and how much fat gets eliminated during each session. There is usually only mild discomfort and patients usually only see minor redness and swelling for a couple days. Bruising is possible but usually disappears quickly. For more information about side effects or treatment options please consult with the doctor at the time of treatment.

Patients can experience visible results within 2-3 treatments, although sometimes six treatments may be administered for optimal results. Once your goal is met, touch-ups or extra treatments are not expected or required.


Eliminate your stubborn chin/neck problems with a BELKYRA™ treatment, an effective and proven solution to tighten your skin and reduce chin fat for a more refined looking and youthful appearance.