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Pro-Derm Antioxidant Protectors

Daily exposure to ultra-violet rays causes photoaging. Our protectors contain anti-UVA and UVB solar filters, antioxidants, natural soothing agents and high quality moisturizers; the combination of these components improves the cutaneous protective effects.

Pro-Derm™ SPF 60


Pro-Derm™ SPF 60 has a high solar protection factor distinguished by its innovative formula. It is light weight, penetrates rapidly, contains no colorant and does not have a whitening effect on the skin. Pro-Derm™ SPF 60 is enriched with natural protectors (Ectoin, Omega, Shea Butter), antioxidants (Emblica, Vit. E) and Rosa Mosqueta essential oil.


For all skin types.

Mineral Loose Powder Light/Natural SPF 50 6g

loose_powderProduct Description

100% loose mineral powder with UVA-UVB broad spectrum protection.
Why You Will Love It: Mineral Loose Powder SPF 50 provides convenient ongoing protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Available in two shades, it is easy to apply, even over makeup and it does not whiten the skin, but proved a beautiful finish that looks natural. It combines uptra-performance with easy application.
For all skin types.

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