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Pro-Derm™ exfoliants contain Glycolic Acid, an AHA from a natural source, which improves the skin’s texture, revealing its radiance and refining the appearance of pores. Sustained use of a Pro-Derm™ exfoliants reduces signs of aging, restores skin suppleness and smoothness.

AHA Night Creams


An exclusive formula of non-neutralized and natural pH AHA (5% or 10%) enhanced by a vitamin complex. Our AHA Night Creams are non-oily while containing moisturizing and soothing ingredients.


For normal, dry, damaged or rough skin.

AHA Lotions


The exfoliant formula of AHA BHA Lotions is lighter than AHA Night Creams and its matifying formula is enriched with lavender, rosewood essential oils and zinc.


Recommended for normal skin or oily skin prone to light acne, blackheads, dilated pores or ingrown hairs (8-2).

Micro-Peel Masque Formula


A masque aimed for deeply exfoliating the skin and close the facial pores. Using the Micro-Peel Masque once a week also makes the skin more receptive to other Pro-Derm™ products. It contains Glycolic Acid (AHA) stabilized by three types of mud and clay, which preserve its active properties for maximum action throughout the application.


For all skin types, except ultra-sensitive skin.

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